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83/2018 2018-11-09 Decision to review potential strategic options

The Management Board of Boryszew S.A. („Company") informs that on 9th November 2018, they made a decision to review potential strategic options supporting further development of the Boryszew S.A. Capital Group. ("Group"). As part of the review of strategic options, the Management Board intends to assess market conditions and forms of possible cooperation.
At the current stage, the Company’s Management Board will be considering different strategic options and in particular the Management Board shall consider searching for an inwestor supporting the development of the Group, entering a strategic alliance, changing the structure of the Group or making a different transaction. The aim of the review of the strategic options is to choose the most favorable manner of execution of the Group’s long-term business goals.
At the same time, the Management Board of the Company informs that as of the day of the publication of this report, the Company has not made any decisions connected with choosing a given option, moreover there is no certainty whether such a decision will be made in the future.

Legal basis
Art. 17 para. 1 MAR – Confidential Information

Piotr Lisiecki – President of the Management Board

Translation from the original Polish version.
In the event of differences resulting from the translation, reference should be made to the official Polish version.


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