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44/2014 2014-07-29 Advanced buyback of bonds issued by Boryszew S.A.

The Management Board of Boryszew S.A. in connection to the current report no 15/2014 of 28 February, 2014, informs that on 28 July, 2014 it made the advanced buyback of 70 units of Series A registered bonds of the nominal value of PLN 1,000,000 each and the total nominal value of PLN 70,000,000.00, covered by Impexmetal S.A. with the seat in Warsaw.
The above mentioned bonds have been issued on 28 February, 2014 with the maturity date on 30 September, 2015.
The bonds have been redeemed from the own funds of Boryszew S.A., according to their nominal value enlarged by due interests. The bonds have been purchased for redemption.
Boryszew S.A. as well as Impexmetal S.A. have been part of the Boryszew Capital Group.
The Management Board’s member of the Company (Mr. Piotr Szeliga) and the Supervisory Board’s members (Mr. A. Krężel and Mr. Zygmunt Urbaniak) are simultaneously the Supervisory Board’s members of Impexmetal S.A.
The source of financing of the purchased assets has been the own funds of Impexmetal S.A.
As the value of the purchased assets exceeds the limit of 10 % of Boryszew’s equity capitals, the above mentioned event has been considered as purchase of assets of significant value.

Piotr Szeliga – President of the Management Board

Translation from the original Polish version.
In the event of differences resulting from the translation, reference should be made to the official Polish version.



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