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21/2009 2009-06-18 Information concerning rules of the corporate governance included in Good practices of companies quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which are not used.

The Management Board of Boryszew S.S., acting according to the § 29 point 3 of the Stock Exchange Regulations informs that the Company has once broken the rules from Part II of the document „Good practices of companies quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange” regarding the date of providing drafts of GM resolutions and the justification of candidates reported to the Supervisory Board.

Part II passage 1: “The Company has a web page and include the:
Rule No 4) “information on date and place of the GM, agenda and drafts of resolutions together with justification as well as other available materials connected with general meetings of the Company, at least 14 days prior the pointed day of the meeting”.

Rule No 5) provided to the Company justifications of candidates reported to management and supervisory boards together with their professional cvs, in such term, which enable to get to know them to take a resolution accurately - in case if the choice of corporate bodies makes the general meeting”.

The Supervisory Board’s meeting on June 17th, 2009 gave the opinion to the drafts of resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company.
As the Supervisory Board’s meeting could not take place earlier, drafts of resolutions have not been placed on the web page in due term.

Candidates to the Supervisory Board are generally reported and presented during the General Meeting of the Company, which unable the earlier placing the information about them on the corporate web page of the Company.

Małgorzata Iwanejko
Chairman of the Management Board


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