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56/2010 2010-08-10 Purchase of Maflow Polska enterprise - being a part of international Maflow Group - automotive sector producer

Referring to the current report no 36/2010 of June 1st, 2010 and the current report no 38/2010 of June 14th, 2010, the Management Board of Boryszew S.A. informs that today a sale agreement has been concluded, upon which Boryszew S.A. has purchased enterprise Maflow Polska Sp. z o.o., consisting of:
a) built real estate of 4.9209 ha area, land register no KA1T/00033310/6 carried by Regional Court in Tychy, V Department of Land Registers,
b) movables,
c) current assets,
d) rights result from commercial, lease, hire, leasing agreements

for the amount of PLN 73,911,480.83 (say: seventy three millions nine hundred eleven thousand four hundred eighty and 83/100 PLN).

Maflow Polska enterprise is the largest one in the international Maflow Group as far as the sale volume of end products such as air-condition cables is concerned. Share in the European automotive market in this area has been estimated as 20 – 25 %.
The purchased enterprise consists of 3 works:
- Tychy work – in which cables to air-condition systems are produced,
- Chełmek 1 work - in which air-condition cables, active suspension and power steering cables are produced,
- Chełmek 2 work – in which rubber cables are produced.

Maflow Polska enterprise will become Branch Office Boryszew S.A.

Boryszew Group together with taken over employees from Maflow Branch Office in Tychy will employ almost 6,000 employers. It will become one of the biggest private employer in Poland.

Małgorzata Iwanejko – Chairman of the Management Board
Robert Bednarski – Vice-Chairman of the Management Board


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