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61/2011 2011-07-13 Termination of series G shares subscription

In connection with the termination of subscription of series G shares and their allocation, the Management Board of Boryszew S.A. informs, as follows:

1. date of beginning of subscription: 16.06.2011; date of termination of subscription: 01.07.2011
2. date of allocation of securities: 12.07.2011
3. number of securities covered by subscription: 1,128,357,846
4. rate of reduction in individual parts – offered shares were be dividend into parts, reduction of additional subscription amounts to 99.92%
5. number of securities which were registered under the subscription: 1,124,388,469 shares – basic register; 4,675,324,049 shares – additional register
6. number of securities, which were allocated under the subscription: 1,128,357,846
7. price of the covered securities: PLN 0.10
8. number of persons, who have registered to subscribe or sell the securities in individual parts: 12,207 basic registers and 2,291 additional registers have been placed
9. number of persons, who have been allocated with the securities in individual parts: 12,207 in basic registers and 1,715 in additional registers
10. names (companies) of sub-issuers who cover securities under the execution of sub-issue’ agreements – issuer doesn’t include the sub-issue agreement
11. value of the conducted subscription: PLN 112,835,784.60
12. total costs, which have been included to the issue costs: PLN 729.8 th, including:
a) preparation and carrying of the offer: PLN 574.8 th
b) remuneration of sub-issuers: PLN 0
c) preparation of the prospectus (including the advisory costs): PLN 155.0 th
d) promotion of the offer: PLN 0
Costs of the shares issue charge the current activity
13. average cost of conducted subscription to a single security covered by subscription: PLN 0.00064.

Małgorzata Iwanejko – Chairman of the Management Board


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