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23/2011 2011-03-21 Placing a conditional offer on acquisition of enterprise Sealynx Automotive Transieres of automotive sector

In connection to the current report no 12/2011, the Management Board of Boryszew S.A. informs that the Company has placed today a conditional offer on purchase of assets of French enterprise Sealynx Automotive Transieres in insolvency together with its subsidiaries in Tunisia, Marocco and Romania.

Sealynx Automotive Transieres specializes in production of sealing systems for car industry. The company has employed 1,160 workers at the end of 2010.

The largesr clients of the company are either French producers - Renault and Peugeot Group or Volkswagen Group, Ford, Daimler – Mercedes and Opel.

The taken over entity with its seat and head production works in Transieres in France manages additionally three works in Marocco., Tunisia and Romania. The Group has established also a structure in Russia responsible for the activity development in East Europe. Joint Venture in Russia may enable access to the local market, which is approximately 3 million cars yearly.

The company has owned a big experience as far as the innovative solutions in sealing systems are concerned, mainly due to the own project and production of Danalyx – a material of exceptional and low-costs functional solutions.

In case of well acquisition of Sealynx Group a decrease of production costs of rubber components can be expected, taking into account concentration of some operations with Maflow Group, taken over by Boryszew S.A. in 2010 and prospective acquisition of SaarGummi Group.

The strategy of Boryszew Group is to increase the Group value and profits through synergic concentration of operations of Sealynx Automotive Transieres with other elements of Boryszew Group and, at the end, to strengthen its position as the international, global supplier in automotive sector.

Małgorzata Iwanejko – Chairman of the Management Board
Rober Bednarski – Vice-Chairman of the Management Board


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