Boryszew launches production of the virucidal disinfectant “ERG CleanSkin”


Boryszew ERG, Poland’s leading manufacturer of coolants and de-icing liquids for the aviation and rail industries, has developed a new addition to its wide product offer. The new product is a virucide for disinfecting not only hands but also surfaces, fabrics, furnishings and equipment and was launched onto the market under the commercial name “ERG CleanSkin”. The first batch was shipped from the plant yesterday.

Based on 72% ethanol, ERG CleanSkin was launched to meet the increased demand for disinfectants due to the coronavirus pandemic. The products is designed to disinfect hands and surfaces which are not in direct contact with food or fodder, in private as well as public and industrial buildings, including healthcare facilities. The products will be first sold in bottles with volumes of 5 litres and 500 millilitres (with an atomiser nozzle).

“Boryszew ERG is a company with vast manufacturing experience and highly-advanced production lines, which we have decided to use in part for the manufacture of a disinfectant, a first-need product in the current situation,” said Piotr Lisiecki, President of the Board and CEO, Boryszew Group.

“We managed to launch production in 10 days, together with obtaining all the necessary approvals. I am pleased that, with our product, we will help improve the safety of all Poles. Thanks to our longstanding know-how and expertise in the chemical industry, we are able to offer our customers a premium-quality product which meets all the most stringent standards,” Piotr Lisiecki added.

Boryszew ERG will offer liquid disinfectants in wholesale via both existing and new distribution channels. The first batch was shipped from the plant and will be delivered to wholesalers and other distribution centres.

Due to the current situation, Boryszew ERG production plant now works 24/7. All detailed information concerning wholesale is available at


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