Impexmetal with the most innovative product worldwide


Impexmetal SA, a Boryszew Group companya Boryszew Group company operating in the non-ferrous metals sector, has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH). The purpose of the agreement is to develop and implement a new technology for metal sheet and strip production from the newly-developed and patented aluminium-magnesium (Al-Mg) alloys with a higher than standard magnesium content. This highly innovative product is characterized by exceptionally high durability while maintaining very good ductility, i.e. by performance parameters unparalleled in the offer of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. The new alloys will find wide application across many industries, including the automotive and electronics one.

The new product – metal sheets and strips made from the new Al-Mg alloy – is characterized by excellent ductility, high durability, corrosion resistance, as well as good weldability, low density allowing to reduce the weight of the elements and susceptibility to cold plastic deformations. – "Those highly desired properties of the alloy result from the high content of magnesium (6÷9%) – much higher than standard Al-Mg alloys. The product, which will be developed in cooperation with KITECH, will become an important element of the Impexmetal product portfolio, further strengthening the company's competitiveness on international markets. We will be the only company in the world producing this alloy" - said Paweł Rutecki, Development and Investment Director of Impexmetal SA.

This innovative product will be used in many industries – automotive, aerospace, ICT and packaging – and will become a part of many everyday objects, such as phones, laptops and cars.

The expansion of Impexmetal’s product portfolio, combined with the transfer of technology, is part of the company’s “Development Strategy for the Years 2018-2026” adopted in early 2018. – "We strive to increase the production and sales of rolled products from 100,000 to 200,000 tonnes annually, while boosting the sales revenues to approx. PLN 2.6bn. All our investments are aimed at increasing our production capacity. Impexmetal has an opportunity to become an international player" – adds Jan Woźniak, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board of Impexmetal SA.

The new product is a result of cooperation between KITECH and Impexmetal, which began in 2015. It will enter the market in mid-2021, i.e. after the expansion of the production capacity of the hot rolling mill and the installation of a specialist cold rolling mill for hard aluminium alloys. This will further bolster the company’s position, which confirms its high international competitiveness and global reach, thanks to the cooperation with proven international partners.



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