Boryszew is the largest investor in the German-speaking area


Boryszew S.A., the largest Polish manufacturer of the automotive industry, has been once again awarded in the international competition. Chapter "FDI Poland Investor Awards" has announced the winners of the plebiscite for the largest investors and exporters - Boryszew received the award in the category "Top Polish Investor in DACH or Benelux", the leading Polish investor in the German-speaking area or Benelux. The jury appreciated the company's investment in Prenzlau - one of the largest Polish greenfield investments in Germany, with the value of 22 million euros.

The purpose of the plebiscite was to select Polish investment abroad and foreign companies developing in Poland. Among the candidates there are companies which announced or completed new investments or expanded their business from January 2016 to August 2017. One of the key investment activities in the Boryszew Group was at that time launching a facility in Prenzlau, Germany. In April 2017 the necessary works were completed and a serial production of plastic, galvanized automotive components was started. Recently Boryszew S.A. has been actively investing in its organic growth. In 2016 Maflow factory started activity in Guanajuato, Mexico, and by the end of 2017 it will start production in the new facility in Toruń.

- "I'm pleased that the investment in Prenzlau was appreciated by the international committee. Our new German factory has a vital role in the context of the implementation of the assumptions for the development of the Boryszew automotive segment, which is why this award is so important to us. It is second recognition for this facility in recent times, after prior achieving the award in the field of prospective investments of Branderburg land. Germany is the largest and the most demanding automotive market in Europe and Boryszew is playing an increasingly important role" – says Jarosław Michniuk, the CEO of Boryszew S.A. - "The new facility allows us to significantly increase production capacity and efficiency and is one of the most technologically advanced electroplating plants in Europe. At the same time, it is strenghtening our position as the leading Polish investor and employer in Germany" – the CEO of Boryszew adds.

In the automotive components factory in Prenzlau, in a hall with an area of approx. 14.500 m2 , a technological line was established, which is one of the most modern in Europe. It is used for galvanisation the components made of plastics and its efficiency is 400 000 m2 of galvanised area per year. The components manufactured in it will go to Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Daimler, and Toyota cars.

This year the 5th edition of "FDI Poland Investor Awards" attracted more than 250 guests from 23 countries, including the management staff of the largest Polish foreign investors and international companies developing in Poland. Boryszew was awarded among prestigious companies such as: Amazon, Teva or Raben Group.



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