The Boryszew Group has created prototype cables for the energy sector


The author of the innovative solution is the Modern Aluminium Product Branch Skawina. In the production process, two new prototype designs for the overhead cables will be created. They will aim at reducing transmission losses in 110 kV electricity distribution lines. The solutions are at the same time the response for the problems of Polish operators of the Distribution System.

In the production process, preceded by intensive preparatory works, two prototypes were created. The first one is the equivalent of the AFLs-10 310 cable – optimised and improved in terms of electrical parameters. The works in the area of material engineering enabled improvement of the electrical properties of the cable material – aluminium of EN AW 1370 type. The second prototype is a completely new solution. In addition to limiting energy losses, it will improve the safety of 110 kV line.

Krzysztof Kuczmański, the director of the Modern Aluminium Product Branch Skawina, has no doubt that the idea is innovative and will solve the fundamental problems faced by the Polish distribution system in the energy sector. "I am convinced that our solutions can lead to savings in the process of transferring electricity and increasing the capacity of the 110 kV line – and thereby eliminate the problems of Polish distribution system operators. We are going to do this through the introduction of innovative solutions on a large scale in materials and construction and manufacturing technology of the overhead cables with low losses," Krzysztof Kuczmański says. The prototypes will first and foremost contribute to the increase in energy efficiency, as well as the improvement of the quality of the outdated network infrastructure and the ability to meet the growing demand for electricity.

The purpose of the Group is to create a comprehensive system of standard solutions targeted at specific distribution companies, taking into account current and future needs of Distribution System Operators. The appropriate actions have been taken and the research and development cooperation has been started with strategic Distribution System Operators. The effects are further design analyses of the selected 110 kV lines. In the nearest future, the Group is planning to develop and execute subsequent designs of overhead cables.

The main recipients of the project results are key Distribution System Operators in Poland: PGE Dystrybucja, Tauron Dystrybucja, Energa Operator, Enea Operator, PKP Energetyka, and Innogy Stoen Operator Sp. z o.o.


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