Boryszew’s Investor Relations ranked highly by Parkiet Gazeta Giełdy


Boryszew was highly ranked in a research conducted by Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet on WIG 30 companies and the quality of investor relations. The company took prestigious 9th place with evaluation above average compared to the entire index.
Research was done on 15 September – 15 October having over 27.5 thousand respondents. The questions analysed the quality of investor relations and various communication channels offered by blue chips.
‘We strongly focus on choosing communication tools adapted to each individual group of customers and their expectations. We do that by implementing new solutions using modern technologies to reach both individual and institutional investors. I am very proud that our efforts were appreciated and it resulted in a highly ranked position in Parkiet’s research,’ says Piotr Szeliga, President of the Board of Boryszew SA. ‘I know, however, that there are certain areas where we could improve and we will continue the great work to become the leader in further rankings.’
Boryszew Group is one of the biggest industrial group in Poland. It employs over 8,000 staff in dozens of manufacturing plants stretched over 3 continents. After IH 2014 Boryszew Group achieved a net profit of PLN 51 million and 79.1 million of operating profit with revenues of PLN 2.53 billion


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