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We're one of the largest industrial groups in Poland. We are a globally operating manufacturer with focus on automotive industry, processing of non-ferrous metals and on chemical sector. Our Group is made up of several dozens of manufacturing plants and R&D Centres located in Europe, Asia and both Americas. We owe our success to the passion, engagement and enthusiasm of our team of 12,000 employees working on 4 continents.




  • We are the largest Polish producer in the automotive sector. Our plants manufacture plastic elements (lockers, cockpits, handles, engine covers, etc.) as well as hydraulic break hoses and air conditioning conduits. One in every 10 cars in the world has parts produced in one of our factories.

Non-ferrous metals

  • We specialise in aluminium, copper, zinc, and lead processing . We make technologically advanced products for the automotive, electro-technical, construction and packaging industries. We invest in environmentally friendly solutions, believing that sustainable development is the key to building permanent value chains.


  • We manufacture fluids for de-icing of airplanes as well as polyester fibres, PET flakes, polyamides and battlefield effects simulators, which are used for special effects in the film industry as well. In Poland were best known for Borygo, which is the best selling radiator fluid produced in our Sochaczew plant.


  • We operate in sector of niche steel products, seamless pipes and tubes, rolled and forged elements. Our R&D lab (Laboratorium Badań Batory) specializes in metallurgical research of mechanical properties, chemical composition and ultrasonic testing of products.



  • Boryszew Group is the largest Polish manufacturer in the automotive industry
  • Every 5th car in Europe has components manufactured in one of the plants belonging to the Boryszew Group
  • Impexmental a part of Boryszew Group i the largest Polish manufacturers of aluminium flat products
  • Boryszew S.A. NPA Skawina branch is the only Polish manufacturer of wire rods used in the production of aluminium wires
  • Boryszew Group is one of the largest Polish investors in Germany in greenfield investment category.
  • Huta Bankowa a part of Boryszew Group is the only polish manufacturer of railway wheel tyres



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