Boryszew Automotive Plastics

Boryszew Automotive Plastics


BAP Group consists of companies producing plastic and metal car components (interior and exterior car assemblies, engine components) as well as injection moulds used during the production of these components.

BAP Group consists of:

  • Boryszew Deutschland GmbH – headquarter of Boryszew Automotive Plastics
  • Boryszew Kunststofftechnik Deutschland GmbH – production of automotive interior parts,
  • Theysohn Kunstoff GmbH – production of automotive exterior plastic parts,
  • AKT Plastikarska Technologie spol.s r.o – production of plastic parts for automotive and white goods industry,
  • BRS Ymos – production of ZnAl injection parts,
  • BRS Oberflachetechnik GmbH – production of galvanized plastic elements used in Automotive interior parts,
  • Boryszew Formenbau Deutschland GmbH – production of injection moulds,
  • Theysohn Formenbau GmbH – production of injection moulds,
  • Boryszew Plastic Rus – production of automotive interior parts,
  • Boryszew Tensho Poland – plastic injection moulding




Interior system:

  • instrument panel storage pockets
  • IP carrier
  • steering column trim
  • glove box
  • door handles
  • underbody instrument panel
  • pillar
  • air vents
  • defroster nozzles
  • trim panels
  • center console
  • seat covering
  • roof module
  • covering glasses

Engineering Systems:

  • engine cover
  • battery box
  • structural components (bracket, lock carrier)
  • water cycle/filler
  • oil circulation/filler

Exterior system:

  • wheel housing
  • floor rail
  • underbody covering
  • trunk trim
  • front covering, rear covering
  • bumpers
  • pressure release valves



Wojciech Gąsior - Group Sales Director
Mobile: +49 175 57 10 619


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