Maflow is one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioning tubes, power steering assembly and active suspension hoses supplying automotive industry. We work with the largest global car manufacturers such as: Volkswagen Group, Renault Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Volvo, BMW and truck manufacturers such as: Volvo Truck, Scania, DAF trucks. Maflow Group has 11 production plants based in 8 countries in 4 different continents:


  • Boryszew Maflow Branch Plant in Tychy – aluminum A/C hoses production and assembly of steel A/C hoses
  • Toruń plant – design and manufacturing of air conditioning hoses
  • Chełmek 1 plant – production of aluminum A/C hoses and components (nozzles) for both aluminum and steel A/C hoses sold for other Group companies
  • Chełmek 2 plant – production of ready-to-use rubber A/C hoses; fuel, oli cooling and other liquid lines and assemblies for passenger cars
  • Maflow Italy (Ascoli) – rubber hoses production
  • Maflow France – production of A/C hoses and power steering hoses
  • Maflow Spain – A/C hoses assembly
  • Maflow Brasil – production of A/C hoses
  • Maflow China – production of rubber hoses and A/C hoses
  • Maflow India – production and assembly of A/C hoses
  • Malflow Mexico - production of A/C hoses.




  • A/C hoses (aluminum and steel)
  • Power steering hoses (high/low pressure, hydraulic/hybrid systems)
  • Cooling hoses (oil, water)
  • Air brake system
  • Fuel hoses and hose assemblies (high/low pressure vapor)
  • LPG/CNG Gas hoses
  • Active suspension hoses
  • Fuel systems



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